Sunday, September 5, 2010

This morning, Carole graciously agreed to go to another Quaker meeting with me.  We went to one several years ago – more than five years ago, though the years fly by.  The local meeting is “unprogramed,” and I honestly don’t know tons about Quakers, but what I know, I like.

The first time we went, no one said anything at all the entire time.  Carole and the friend we attended with (a regular friend, not a Friend friend) hated it.  I thought it was OK.  This time, better prepared for the silence, Carole didn’t hate it as much, though she did pronounce herself done with it.  I want to learn more about it.  A religion I can really live with would be a wonderful thing.

After that we picked up our son Nicholas, who lives to buildings down the street from the Quaker meeting house.  We took him to lunch and now I can worry about him.  All seems well or OK, but I don’t know.  He may actually have gotten health insurance which went in effect the first of September.  Maybe, probably.  That, sadly, is a very happy occasion in the US these days.

After that, some very sad news about a friend in the program who continues to struggle and to drink.  I believe the term the Big Book uses is “heart-breaking riddle.”


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