August 15, 2010 (this day)

I would like to complain about my personal menopause (or lack thereof), but I looked at the bottom of my page, to where I choose a character defect to pay special attention to, and complaining is right there, chosen for this day.  So no complaints.  A report of my feelings about dragging out the old calendar to make another entry would include the words “sad” and “tired.”

We continue on with the preparations for Erika’s move.  We now have more of a date and more of a plan.  I will miss my dog and my work meeting, most likely.  It promises to be an emotional, hectic, grueling, expensive time, and I hope I don’t bleed through it as well.

Not complaining though.


2 thoughts on “August 15, 2010 (this day)

    • Thank you!

      Just now, as I was searching for my Keeper (I cannot buy a new one at this point, cannot!) I decided the longer I keep up the occasional bleed, the better for my bones. Or my heart. Or something.

      There’s a light at the end of this tunnel, for sure!

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