Serenity is one of “the” aims, isn’t it?  All the work I do in AA is leading toward more serenity, greater serenity, more serene serenity.

I have a raging sinus infection and I can’t be serene with it.  I’m thinking of a friend who is struggling with a relationship and there isn’t any serenity there.  I do have a faith that works under all sorts of conditions, at least under those I’ve encountered so far, and I have faith that I will recover and so will she, until one day we don’t.  And I’m more serene, through all this, than I was a few years ago, or many years ago.

I’ve decided to Google collage it and see what serenity is.

Serenity Is Forever

This perversely makes me think maybe I’ll have serenity when I’m dead.

Serenity is coming out tomorrow

I always knew serenity is gay!

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm”

Blah blah blah.  Serenity is not a sinus infection.

Serenity is grateful

That one I must agree with.

Serenity is tense and smoothly put together.


Serenity is free with Peaceful Mornings at the Parlour

I’ll take the “Serenity is free” piece, and disagree with it.  Serenity is struggle!  Ah, what is wrong with me becomes clearer still!

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