June 13, 2010 (this day)

Carole and I have both been sick.  She’s had what I guess is a sinus infection for three weeks.  I’ve had it for two.  We each went to the doctor yesterday, and I hope this newest round of antibiotics knocks it out.  I hate being sick for so long.  We’ve both had a sore throat, cough, congestion.

It seems to me the weeks are flying by.  We just got back from Hawaii, so it seems.  There are graduations, weddings, birthdays galore.  It seems that few of our groups members can make it to the meeting.  We will miss the next two weeks.  Next weekend we’re traveling to my cousin’s wedding.  The weekend after that we have a concert to go to.

I live about 400 miles away from most of my family.  Some of them have moved away, but not many.  My father died when I was six.  I lost touch with his side of my family about 10 years ago.  Recently, one of my cousins found me on Facebook.  So I’ve been filled in regarding them.  My mother’s side is the group getting together for the wedding.  Without naming names, I’ll say that there is intense and extensive drama involving all the goings-on.  Alcohol plays a part, as it does in anything my family does.  I’m grateful that I have these people, grateful they still include me, grateful I have a program of recovery and so drinking is not a problem.  Drama is a small problem for me.  Seeing all they are going through, I’m just very glad to be me.

So I’m still sort of waiting to be ‘normal’ again – mainly no sick and not traveling.  It will be some time before those circumstances come together, if they ever do.  So I’ll try to enjoy the mild nature of the sickness, the quick nature of the travel, and the forgiving nature of the dog.

I made a plan to work on my dog anxiety after I flew, so here I am.  I’m not at all sure how to begin.  I may try to look at my feelings about the dog in terms of character defects.  I’ll have to give this one some thought.


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