I took this picture yesterday at my son’s college graduation.  Beautiful day, wonderful school, abundant abundant blessings.

I leave Thursday for Hawaii and I’m swearing off the internet for the duration, which will last until May 30.  I’m sure I’ll regret that many times over the trip but it will be good for me.

I’m going drug free, and I’m very optimistic about my chances of not having a complete and total breakdown due to my fear of flying.  If the flying is awful, I’ll consider doing something different next time, but I think I will make it.  I need to write about my process and my thoughts about how “we” seem to drug every uncomfortable thought and feeling.

Ah well, another time.  For now I have happiness my kids are doing well, and sadness that my smudged cat did not make it.  I have a little guilt about the resources I’m about to spend on my pleasure, and lots of happiness and excitement about traveling so very far away.

See you on the ground . . .

3 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. Good luck! And if the fear of flying is still there when you get back, get it touch – I get help you with the fear completely drug free 🙂 (hate when I sound like a pushy ad person – but I’m so passionate about helping without drugs I tend to get a bit in your face!)

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