Spread the Message

A wonderfully awesome follow-up to my post about Phyllis.

The speaker at my meeting tonight, Eleanore, had, at one time, 17 years of sobriety and had gone out.  Much failure, loss and carnage had not brought her back in.  One day sitting in some establishment (I don’t think it was a bar, but it might have been) Eleanore ran into Phyllis, who she had known both in the bars and in AA.  Phyllis told Eleanore that Eleanore looked “like hell,” and that Eleanore should go to a meeting.

Eleanore did, and tonight lead the meeting with over a year of new sobriety.

I don’t know what would have happened if Phyllis had not met Eleanore and had not told her to go to a meeting.  My experience tells me there would have been more, worse, failure loss and carnage.

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