February 10, 2010 (this day)


It’s still snowing.  I haven’t been anywhere out of my yard since I crossed the street Saturday night and almost died (not really) opening the meeting.  My work has been canceled, I’m out of Netflix, and my computer has died.  I’m on Carole’s now, so my computer time is severely limited.  As if I didn’t have enough misery already.  My back hurts badly from the constant snow shoveling (at least once a day is constant for me).  The dog is extremely antsy from being inside with no exercise for so many days.

The computer dying is hard for me to accept.  I’ve ordered another but still, I’m stuck in the house for days on end.  Ah well.

In the midst of all this there come the stories about people who are heroic, or who are in terrible shape.  My work partner has a friend who was sent home from the hospital die a regular cancer death.  When work partner’s son and husband went to check up on them, they found the man and his girl friend still in their truck.  She couldn’t get a wheelchair through the snow or manage him physically.  There was a local street where, because of the big snow, a man was worried that his pregnant wife couldn’t get out in the event of a birth.  The whole block manually shoveled the street clear and the woman did go into labor and she was able to make it to the hospital and she and the baby are fine.

There are those too who have been without power since Friday night.

So my problems as usual are luxury problems and I am grateful and I am, of course, to a point, enjoying this.  It seems that tomorrow I’ll have to go out either to work or to be dutiful mother so this snow- in is about to end for me one way or the other.  Also, for the first time ever, I’ve seen AA meetings canceled and announced on the news with the other closings.  Awesome.  As for my meeting, I’ll open it, even in a blizzard.  Probably.

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