January 30, 2010 (this day)

Beyond restless, irritable and way beyond discontent.

I have female issues.  Menopause.  Ug.  I have a fever blister.  It’s frigidly cold for the I-don’t-know-how-many days in a row, so no exercise, walks, or outside time for the dog.  Again.  Everything is frozen and crusted with salt.  Or, in my house, covered with dirt, the remnants of the rampant mud that was here before the frigid cold.  At least the cold has hard frozen the mud.  My skin is so dry it hurts, and the inside of my nose bleeds when I blow it.  My wife is mad at me.  Our son wants us to take him clothes and food shopping.  My hair straightener just broke (after I said so many times that everything is better with straight hair).  For the first time ever, I owe money on my taxes.  I’m not going to enjoy my meeting tonight like I could and should if all this wasn’t happening.  It’s the two-year anniversary of one of our very few members.  A miracle that happened right before my very eyes.  I want chocolate.


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