Next Came the Expression of an Aspiration (Step Eleven continued)

Next came the expression of an aspiration and a hope for himself.  He hoped, God willing, that he might be able to find some of these treasures, too.  This he would try to do by what he called self-forgetting.  What did he mean by “self-forgetting,” and how did he propose to accomplish that?

He thought it better to give comfort that to receive it; better to understand than to be understood; better to forgive than to be forgiven.

This much could be a fragment of what is called meditation, perhaps our very first attempt at a mood, a flier into the realm of spirit, if you like.  It ought to be followed by a good look at where we stand now, and a further look at what might happen in our lives were we able to move closer to the ideal we have been trying to glimpse.

Acting my way into right thinking, rather than thinking my way into right actions.  Using my imagination to try to envision what the person I want to be would do, and how she would feel.  Trying to emulate someone I admire, someone who has done it well.


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