December 25, 2009 (this day)

This Christmas day, Nicholas is home from school.  Carole and I went to church this morning because she was the assistant minister for the service.  No one goes to Christmas morning church.  There were probably 15 people there, if that.  Everyone goes on Christmas Eve.  I remember hearing a few years ago that some mega churches weren’t having services on Christmas, because the expense of heating the church wasn’t worth it for the few people who attended.

The weather was gray and cold and rainy here, so the inside of the church wasn’t all that cheery.  On the upside, our pastor has communion at just about every single service, so with so few people, the service went very quickly.

I’m a reluctant Lutheran, but the message and explanation of the message that was in the beginning of Hebrews made some kind of sense to me.  Except for the parts where the author claims to know what God said to Jesus ……

Nicholas and Erika were here, as well as a friend of Carole’s.  We called my mother and she sounded quite drunk to me.  She doesn’t like the weather in Florida.  They are wearing shorts and t-shirts.

I don’t like presents, especially when I or another giver feels like they have to give something.  So basically on days like Christmas, Mother’s day, anniversaries and birthdays.  But I think I lived through it graciously enough.  I hope I did.

When Erika and Nicholas are with me for holidays, I always have the feeling of not knowing if they ever will both be again.  I’ve gone through only one holiday without Erika, I think, when she was in England at Thanksgiving.  At this point I’ve been through lots of them without my own mother.

Tomorrow, after our meeting, Carole and I have invited everyone from the meeting to come to our house.  For me, it’s in memory of my women’s meeting back home, when we would have a party at the meeting every year on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s.  Next year, Christmas and New Year’s are on Saturday, and I’m already liking the idea of having a party-meeting both days.

I also noticed that the Obamas made it to Hawaii OK for their Christmas.  I bet they weren’t even a little bit afraid.


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