December 23, 2009 (this day)

I worked today and there was still more food at work today.  I can’t count the food occasions there have been there in the past few weeks.  At my meeting last Saturday, the person who set up brought chocolate chip cookies.  The guy who helps set up and lives next door to the meeting brought chocolate chip and snicker-doodle cookies, and donuts.  Another member brought banana bread.  Because of bad weather, there were less than 15 of us there.  But we ate well.

Last night my son came home from college and he ordered from the pizza place.  Tomorrow we will go to my daughter’s work’s Christmas Eve breakfast.  I just don’t remember all this food in years past.  The picture is of one of my cats (named for Bill Wilson) sitting in the sweet potato baking dish from Thanksgiving.

Last year I started Sparkpeople on January 1 and I lost 15 pounds between January and April.  I don’t want to know how many of those have returned.  A few.  I’m going to start it again in January and go for another 15.

I’m off work till Monday now and Saturday, after the meeting, we’re inviting everyone over to our house.  My women’s meeting back home used to have a party on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s, so for me it’s in memory of that.  We’ve asked everyone to bring something so that we don’t have to cook.  Too bad cleaning for such a thing doesn’t burn many calories.

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