I am abundantly blessed with wife, mother, daughter, son – one of each.

I have a true partner at work who shares my employee and client caseloads, along with all the people above us.

I can go to a meeting any night of the week, within ten miles of my house, where at least two people (probably more) will know my name.

  • I hate the music my wife is playing and singing to, and I’m not going to tell her.  I hope.
  • I won’t call my mother because she still, after almost 40 years, does not get the point that I don’t want to talk to her husband for the time it would take to ask to talk to her.
  • She’s taking care of my animals while I’m in Hawaii, and she may stay several weeks before and after that due to my son’s graduation and my cousin’s wedding.
  • She doesn’t seem to hold my drinking against me even to the degree some people do who didn’t even know me then.
  • I have an umpteenth new boss at work and I sort of have a faint hope that he’ll really do something good and different.  I’m caught between not being cynical and wondering when I will finally learn what the real world is like.
  • I’m passively-aggressively hoping my wife reads this post and doesn’t do the music thing again without me telling her, except for here, without confrontation.
  • I still work day to day with some of the people I have seen act very very badly, in my unvarnished opinion.
  • I have not confronted my mother about her own drug and alcohol use even as she tells me constantly about my uncle’s, her brother’s drinking problem.
  • I haven’t reached out to try and help my uncle.
  • I’m highly annoyed and not saying anything about the music.  I could move.
  • Someone I introduced to the program is coming up on three years.  She’s a GSR or somesuch, and sponsors one or two people.  I’m amazed at the power of my destruction to bring good in another life.  I know if it hadn’t been me it might have been someone else, but it might not have.  She keeps meetings going so they’ll be there for other people.  She told me part of her job is “keeping the traditions.”  How awesome is that?
  • I work with a young lady whose mother is full of cancer, whose grandparents passed away within the past five years, whose father had a few small strokes.  She’s a very loving, nice young lady.  She definitely gets sad and upset with things.  Who wouldn’t?  I hope I can be a positive influence in her life.
  • From time to time I see the name of an upper administrator who gave me a terrible time a few years ago.  I still try to figure out (briefly, then I try to move on) how he’s not an awful person and may have been trying to do the right thing.
  • My wife is now whistling and I still haven’t broken anything in response.
  • I’ve been with my wife’s friend, the one who yelled at me a few weeks back, several times, and I haven’t said anything.  And neither has she.  I really really don’t think this is good for any of us, including my wife, and I feel wimpy for just going on.
  • Another young woman I work with is constantly late.  We have talked to her and borne all this and did an informal warning that formal discipline will follow.  She was on time a few times, thereby proving she could be, and now is constantly late again.  I struggle with what to do with piddly situations like this.  We have staff meetings first thing in the morning and she needs to be there.  It’s not unimportant.  Is formal discipline the way to go?
  • All the songs that have played on my wife’s computer while I’ve been writing this have been by men.  I haven’t liked any of the songs.
  • I’ve taken these people in random order from my prayer list.  These are some of the people I try to concentrate on, one at a time, in order to improve my cosmic energy toward them.

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