December 16, 2009 (this day)

Quick and boring.

I walked the dog this morning in the painful coldness.  I went to work, and I worked.  Things happened there.  People got served with papers.  People shared some of their scary illnesses.  People were nasty and people were incredibly loving.

I left work early because I want to go to a meeting tonight.  It works best for me if I don’t have to work all day and come home briefly, then go out half the night.  For me and the dog!  And Carole is working late, so it was more important for me to leave early.

I left work at 2 for what is a 30-45 minute ride that took two hours.  My ride takes me close to a concert hall, and there was a show starting at 3.  It took me two hours to get past the hall.

  • Many of those people on the road were very very late for the concert.
  • I knew YESTERDAY that there could be a bad traffic situation because of this.
  • I know an alternate route and debated with myself and almost took it.  A simple turn of the wheel would have avoided all that wait.
  • I have recently been thinking about tolerance, and trying to tolerate drivers who try to jump the line and merge at the last second.  Drivers who blow second hand smoke my way.  Drivers who don’t leave enough time for where they want to get, for parking, for walking in the place and to their seats.

I’d be interested to know when the show actually started, and if it was delayed because no one was there, and if the people who managed to be on time had to wait.

I also try to keep in mind that lots of these people are young, or not so young, but some of them are learning how long it takes to get places and when they have to leave.

So I’ve run up and down the stairs 12 times with the dog.  I’ve given her a marrow bone and a brushing.  I’ve written this and I’ll soon be leaving for the M-E-E-T-I-N-G.


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