As Though Lying Upon a Sunlit Beach (Step Eleven continued)

As though lying upon a sunlit beach, let us relax and breathe deeply of the spiritual atmosphere with which the grace of this prayer surrounds us.  Let us become willing to partake and be strengthened and lifted up by the sheer spiritual power, beauty,  and love of which these magnificent words are the carriers.  Let us now look upon the sea and ponder what its mystery is; and let us lift our eyes to the far horizon, beyond which we shall seek all those wonders still unseen.

“Shucks!” says somebody.  “This is nonsense.  It isn’t practical.”

Further illustration of one of the reasons I personally love AA.

I don’t say “shucks” but something a little stronger.  I don’t like this kind of thinking (meditation) and after all, isn’t it all about what I like and don’t like?

But I’ve learned to try and to keep trying.  I’ve learned that sometimes, after a very long time, I might get and understand and benefit from something I disdained before.

It’s of the minute for me, actually.  I’m getting ready to tell a dear friend that she really, truly should try a certain kind of therapy, even though she has no respect for it, has never found it to do any good, and fully expects that she never will.

Me too, with this stuff.

In working on my fear of flying, I’ve been watching videos of flights and trying to embrace it rather than escape it through taking my mind elsewhere.  I still feel pretty strongly that the sunlit beach crap is not for me, though I guess I really do know that I just haven’t learned yet to benefit from it.


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