December 13, 2009 (this day)

We seem to be stuck inside on this Sunday due to weather.  Not the weather pictured – that was at my program’s holiday party last week, and that weather was nothing.  I like to post pictures of my work although I can’t  post pictures of the people.  Making it through bad weather to work is one of the worries I would be very happy to be done with, now.  But I won’t be done with that worry.  I have about 25 miles to go there, and the weather can be treacherous.  I’m now one of the people who have to try to make it through no matter what.  And I’m a middle-aged woman with a plain old car.  And my work partner lives near me, equally far away from our program.

When we were looking for a house, I kept in mind bad weather in the winter and would not consider living a big hills.  I mentally kept track of how many days the weather actually made getting to or from work dangerous, and the actual number is very very small.

I’ve gotten a lot better with this particular fear and worry.  I remember sitting in a meeting a long time ago, when snow was falling, and talking about how much time I lose to this fear of weather.  I have made progress and I will continue to do so.

But today, it is Sunday and I’ve gotten out of going to church and possibly shopping.  So I’m happy.  The only bad thing about today is that we won’t be able to exercise the dog outside.  I’ll have to run up and down the stairs with her many times.  Hopefully Carole and I won’t get on each other’s nerves too badly, and of course I must worry about my adult children trying to travel in this.  Erika’s not answering her phone (at ten in the morning) so I must hope she’s asleep and that she won’t try to travel until it’s safe.

I have a tough day tomorrow at work, though the weather shouldn’t be a problem then.  We’ll be short-staffed in the morning, and I have a pot luck lunch meeting for lots of the afternoon.  Carole is baking brownies for me to take and the bummer there is that it smells great and we can’t have any.

But I’m also very motivated to abate my anxiety about those situations, which are tomorrow, and which I will be truly blessed to experience.  Truly.  It also occurs to me and I’m also still grateful to not have to go chase alcohol or cigarettes in this weather.

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