December 3, 2009 (this day)

Hectic hectic hectic.

I’m very busy at work.  The nature of my job means that as “other things” happen and take my time,  my paper work piles up behind me.  We’ve just finished three days of auditing and all the stress and preparation that entails.  Our holiday flea market type open house is tomorrow, and the preparations for that are extensive.  Next week, we will take all 80 of us off of our site to a ski lodge for an all day party.  There’s tons to do for that.  There are administrative meetings to attend having to do with the end of the calendar year and the beginning of the next.  And, like I said, the paper work stops for none of this.  It’s actually a high-volume paper work time, second only to July.

Then there are the other commitments, invitations, parties, get togethers and etc.  And gifts to buy, donate for, and make (I’ve just begun to crochet).  There are even two things I’m supposed to provide food for.  One is a regular twice a month meeting that the boss said, “What say we start an hour early and bring a covered dish?”  Oh joy.  An extra hour of meeting, a cooking assignment, and an hour less to spend on paperwork.

I love my job.  And I like this time of year.  And all this is distracting me from mooning over the past Christmases much.  So yay.

I am making sure I make my regular meeting and one other each week, even through this, I’ll maintain that.  It’s not enough for some people but it works well for me and has for years, and I won’t skimp on that, no matter how high the paper work pile gets.


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