November 27, 2009 (this day)

This picture is from last Thanksgiving, but not much has changed.  Thankfully, my mother and the old cat pictured are here this year.  They haven’t replayed this scene yet but it is an annual event.  We have new kitchen paint and a new kitchen floor since this was taken.  The coat that was on the chair is back on the chair since I took it out this morning to try and walk the dog in the cold.

I had a great Thanksgiving yesterday with the “nuclear” family and everyone is well and got along together.  This morning I’m having a hard time being more grateful than that, to be honest.  I’m annoyed and a bit sad even as I know I “shouldn’t” be.

My mother and Carole get along fine and at times this can almost be a bad thing.  They tend to gang up on me though Carole has been trying not to do it for the past several years, and she’s gotten better at avoiding it, it still happens, and it does affect my mood for a bit.  The kids are doing well but both are about to make more transitions, both to graduate school.  That’s a good, very excellent thing, but my mother will tend to make me worry about it more than is healthy.  No worry is healthy.  After all these years of practice she still can push my buttons with that kind of thing.  Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anyone but all the worrying I did in the past about events that are now actually long past helped me not one bit.

Carole has a few physical complaints going on and that certainly brings my mood down a notch or two.  Again, I “should” know better and be better at detaching than I am.

I’m concerned (not worried?  right) about the inspections at work that will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.  My mother being here means I won’t even go into work on Monday and I’ll be late and Tuesday.

My May plane flights loom over my head all the time.

There’s a very unpleasant musty smell that is all over my house, but especially in my room.  It’s pretty awful and I can’t even begin to identify the source or start to get rid of it until Tuesday.  It is ghastly and hard to live with.

I thinks that’s it.  Carole and my mother have gone to the mall (Black Friday) and later we’ll visit Erika and her cats.  The nicer Erika is the less I want her to leave for graduate school.  And I really don’t want to tend to her stuff and cats while she’s gone.  I’m now moving on to the next activity to try and snap myself out of my funk.


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