Gratitude, the Never-Ending Concept

Some people on Facebook have challenged each other to post something they are grateful for daily for a week or so.  Some people have run out of ideas before the two weeks were up.  Really?  I am grateful (yes) to have been cultivating the “attitude of gratitude” for years.  I think I will never finish or fill my gratitude list.  Here’s some of it.  I know these people who can’t think of anything else to be grateful for have most of what is on my list, they just haven’t realized that these are things to be grateful for.  That I did as a requirement of my continued sobriety is a huge deal in my life.  It has changed my life.

  1. AA
  2. AA meetings that are plentiful and diverse
  3. Airplanes that are safe, accessible and affordable
  4. Antibiotics
  5. Antihistamines
  6. Antiques and heirlooms
  7. Art
  8. Babies
  9. Beaches to visit, and as part of my landscape growing up
  10. Bed
  11. Blogs to read from the comfort of my home
  12. Boats
  13. Bones for the dog
  14. Books on CD for the car ride
  15. Books to own and borrow without censorship
  16. Calculators
  17. Car
  18. Car insurance
  19. Caregivers
  20. Cat litter (was there life before cat litter?)
  21. Change
  22. Chemotherapy
  23. Children (adult children)
  24. Church that is diverse, accepting and traditional
  25. Cities that are safe and interesting
  26. Clergy
  27. Clouds
  28. Coffee
  29. Computers at home and work and many other places
  30. Cousins (as an only child, they’ve meant a lot to me)
  31. Crocheting and a crochet teacher
  32. Democracy and elections
  33. Dental implants
  34. Dentists
  35. Dialysis
  36. Digital cameras
  37. Dog parks
  38. Dogs
  39. Ebay
  40. Electricity
  41. Employment in a safe, comfortable place – in a job that lets me serve others
  42. Eyeglasses
  43. Eyesight that is good and easily corrected to perfect
  44. Faith
  45. Family
  46. Fire
  47. Fire fighters
  48. Five senses – touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing
  49. (anti) Flea treatments – my life before them was often infested
  50. Food that is affordable, plentiful, safe and interesting
  51. Friends
  52. Gay – being openly, safely gay
  53. Glasses that correct eyesight
  54. Graduations – the ones I’ve achieved, and the ones my loved ones have achieved
  55. Grandparents, especially my mother’s parents, who helped raise me
  56. Gratitude and the ability to appreciate things
  57. Hawaii
  58. Health insurance
  59. Heating pads
  60. Hillary Clinton and the historic campaign
  61. History
  62. Holidays
  63. House that I love
  64. Intelligence
  65. Kittens
  66. Libraries
  67. Mammography
  68. Medical attention that is some of the best in the world
  69. Medical insurance that is excellent
  70. Medications that are plentiful and affordable
  71. Menopause (especially that I’ve lived this long)
  72. Mobility and the ability to get from place to place
  73. Mouse traps
  74. Music
  75. My mother
  76. Nature
  77. Neighbors
  78. Netflix – so much info, so close at hand
  79. Newcomers who make us remember what we’re here for, what is was like, and what we don’t want to return to
  80. Non-violence, the attitude my parents raised me with
  81. Novocaine
  82. Obama – love him, and that I got to see this and participate
  83. Oldtimers who don’t drink but keep coming to meetings
  84. Paid holidays, vacations and sick leave
  85. Pain relievers – Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and aspirin
  86. Parks
  87. Peace
  88. People of my prayer list
  89. Pepsi
  90. Pets – current, past and future
  91. Pet food
  92. Pet sitters
  93. Plants – to eat and grow for the yard, for the dog
  94. Police
  95. Puppies
  96. Rain (every living thing needs water)
  97. Rainbows (are cheerful, no matter what)
  98. Reading – the physical and mental ability, and the desire and love
  99. Recycling, often made easy (curbside pick up)
  100. Religion – freedom of and from
  101. Roads that are paved, plowed, salted and somewhat safe
  102. Safety – the relative safety of my environment, always
  103. School – good schools, for me and for my kids
  104. Seasons
  105. Serenity
  106. Smoking – the ability to quit
  107. Sobriety
  108. Sonograms and sonogram technicians
  109. Stores – nearby, and well stocked with everything I need or want
  110. Sun and sunlight
  111. Teachers
  112. Television
  113. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  114. Town
  115. Transportation that is safe and available for going places near and far
  116. Two pregnancies, two children
  117. Vaccines
  118. Water that is clean, safe and plentiful, and hot!
  119. Weather that is safe and varied and not too extreme
  120. Wifey
  121. Wireless internet
  122. Work partner Irene who covers for me when I need her to
  123. Yarn that is affordable, plentiful and interesting

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