Special Providences (words to live by)

I do not believe in special providences.  I believe that the universe is governed by strict and immutable laws.  If one man’s family is swept away by a pestilence and another man’s spared it is only the law working: God is not interfering in that small matter, either against the one man or in favor of the other. — Mark Twain

This concept does not, to me, mean therefore there is no God.  What is means to me is that I have been very very lucky, and I don’t know when my luck will change.  It means to me that I am the same as everyone else.  I haven’t been spared for a reason.  It’s completely up to me if I use my good luck to benefit others.

It’s not tit for tat in the universe of karma, but AA gives me special reasons to help others.  It tells me that I can’t continue to do well unless I help others.  I take it seriously and I would help, I hope, even if I didn’t actually need to.  But I won’t find that out in this lifetime.

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