November 4, 2009 (this day)

I’m dealing with physical female problems and I struggle not to let that dominate every part of every day and night.  There is an end in sight, I just don’t know how far away the end is.  And it’s not that big a deal to begin with.

I have the “FlightAware” map of my airport up on the computer, and I check it occasionally to make sure all the planes are still there.  They are.  I purchased a DVD from 1994 that shows kids how a plane flies and how an airport works.  I have YouTube Videos saved that show take offs and landings and the view out the window when the plane is in flight.  In a few minutes, Carole and I will try to watch Hawaiian post card, or something.  I say try because I don’t expect it to be very interesting.

Tomorrow at work there will be a ceremony …… I can’t say much about it except that it will be difficult for me.  I have spent so many years studying the power of positive thinking that is AA.  I have spent so many years searching for the good in the worst of us, and inevitably I find it, or at least acknowledge I know it is there somewhere.  Tomorrow I have to keep in mind that my job and my life are blessings way beyond what I deserve.  I have to remember to treat success as a call to do more for others.


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