October 25, 2009 (this day)

octoberr09 155Today in honor of my supposed promotion at work, my new name on my new credit card, and to thank the kids for helping with Carole’s surprise party, she and I took them to a restaurant for brunch.  It was a little more expensive and interesting than we usually choose, and it was good.  Last week, my work partner and I heard from our boss that our pay raise and bonus did not make it in time for this pay period, but would retroactively be awarded two weeks from now.  We’ll see.

Yesterday, Carole took Nicholas, at his request, to a thrift shop to buy clothes.  He said he’d rather get lots of used clothes than a few new clothes for the money, although one day hopefully soon he would be able to afford nice clothes.  Nicholas is a senior at a very prestigious university, and I think he’s going straight for his Master’s, which will entail borrowing tons more money.  I can’t believe he’s made it this far this well.

Erika came to the house and I drove to the restaurant and back with her.  She’s been graduated and working for just over a year, and she’s begun the process to go to grad school next fall.  She moved out last Christmas, and shortly,after that, she got a cat.  When I told an old AA friend about that she said, “Of course she did, she’s her mother’s daughter.”  The picture is of Erika’s second cat, acquired to keep the first company, on a recent visit to my house.  The cat made himself quite comfy, and Xandra was very intrigued.  We are so so so so lucky that the big black dog does not eat the little cats.  Lucky.  There was no skill involved in this situation.

So when I talked to Erika she was saying how she agrees with me a lot about football.  I hate it, and she’s not at all fond of it.  Also, with election day next week, she shares my politics.  That just floors me.  Nicholas and the used clothes (something I urged on the kids since they have been grown, at least), Erika and the sports and the politics.  Maybe all that lecturing I did had some effect.  Maybe!

As much as I know I must pause here and enjoy this time, I also know it will not last.  The woman who spoke at my meeting last is about to have baby, with 17 months sober.  I told her I had 16 months when Erika was born, and all the moments of sobriety I had to live through to make it to this day were much more than worth it.


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