October 21, 2009 (this day)

octoberr09 161I left work early today because I have an appointment tonight, and because I was able to.  My work partner and I have officially been granted the job and title of co-supervising our program, just not the money quite yet.  But you can’t do what we do for money.  There just isn’t any.

Indian summer is here for two days, the weather people say.  It’s cheeringly warm and sunny and I’ll spend lots of time with the dog in the yard before I leave tonight.  I’m working five days this week and every week till near Thanksgiving.  All is mostly well at work and at home and even the weather is good.  The weekends are bit hectic but really full of luxury problems.  The trip to Hawaii is in the works, as is Nicholas’ graduation.  I don’t know if he’s going to stay in school for a Master’s right now, since financial aid is not forthcoming for that.  Erika is applying to grad schools and I don’t want her to move away.  Again my problems, if any, are of the luxurious kind.

We went to a wedding last Saturday and so didn’t make our home group meeting.  I was going to go last night if I got out of work on time, but I got stuck there and so didn’t go.  I plan to try again Friday, and I definitely will make the Saturday meeting this week.  I’m just including that detail because I think that sometimes people wonder about how oldtimers manage it.  My schedule isn’t for everyone, but it works for me.  I will not, ever, if I can possibly prevent it, drop out of AA or stop going.

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