Serenity and Peace (from the promises)

We will comprehend the word serenity, and we will know peace.

I define these as an absence of strife or any kind of big bad badness.  AA has taught me to strive for this state.  How I strive for it through AA is by using the “tools.”  The tools include the steps (and isn’t it interesting that so many of them have to do with finding out and letting go of character defects?), slogans, meetings, books.

Agitation as the opposite of serenity invites drinking, and so death.  I left that problem far behind me long ago.  Now I want more serenity because serenity is good, and I enjoy it.  Now I know that picking up the tools and using them is a good investment and use of my time.

The AA serenity is the kind that will hold up in terrible circumstances.  I haven’t experienced many terrible circumstances, but when the worst things that happen to me occur, I do lose, for a time, all of my serenity.  I can’t hold that completely agitated state for long, though, and I think it’s probably a human reaction to try to return again to calmness and serenity in the midst of bad things.  I’m so very grateful that today I have a plan about how to do that, and people to testify that it works.


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