Sunday, October 4, 2009 (this day)

september09 081Last week’s party is still on my mind.  It was such an undertaking.  And the dog is still on my mind because she is always on my mind.  It would be good for her if we could have a party, with lots of people to pet her, every day.

Carole is away for a few days.  The hardest part of that for me is taking care of our animals by myself.  And as I was writing that, a cat threw up at my feet, no lie.  On a floor I washed just yesterday.  And as I was cleaning that I heard the dogs bark outside.  I had to check it out, to make sure the old dog isn’t too chilly and the younger one isn’t harassing the neighbors.  Critter care is a major worry for me with or without help, and it’s something I need to try to improve my attitude about daily.  It’s an appropriate topic for today because many churches around here are “blessing the animals” in honor of St. Francis of Assisi day.

The thing I wish for the most is to be able to walk this dog calmly.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never get there, not with this dog.  I’ll have to content myself with walking her early in the morning, walking her with Carole, and running up and down the stairs at other times for exercise for us both.

Other than the critter care it is nice to have lots of unobligated (firefox doesn’t like that word, but I do, so I’m keeping it) time.  I went to a meeting last night and I’ll go tonight.  It’s interesting to me how, through the years, the people at the meetings change.  I’ve changed, because I’ve moved, and stopped going to some meetings and started going to others.  My Saturday group has been going on for four years, and some people are there who were there at the beginning, but many aren’t.  I have kept several relationships over many many years with people who I don’t see at meetings anymore.  But always, always, the “regulars” seem to fit and I feel a deep connection with the people who are here, now.


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