Roger Ebert

He’s publicly identified himself as a member of AA.  I hope that helps some people, but I really think he should not have done that.  I don’t know why he’d violate a Tradition of the thing that saved his life.


2 thoughts on “Roger Ebert

  1. aa is full of mad people. who knows why he did it? grandiosity? ego massaging commets? gawd knows..
    whatever. i am never surprised by violation of various traditions. its par for the course but i don’t condone it..

  2. I stood in front of the 150 -200 members of my church and told everyone that i was an alcoholic during an open mic/ testimony sunday. I only think anonimity is a command in that I need to protect others if i chose to give up my own that should be ok. That day has led to many amazing conversations , several people helped and i am glad i did it.

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