August 27, 2009 (this day)

august09 001This is Thursday, and this week has been a bit of a blur.  I see from the calander thingy that I’m posting mostly on the weekends.  I guess that’s as it should be, that’s when I have more time.

I’ve been having another good week at work and I still remember to approach it with a good mood.  Yesterday, I had what I thought would be a difficult meeting.  I commented to Carole that I don’t think other people go off to work this way.  I had a heart bracelet on to remind me to love someone there I thought would give me a hard time, and a “Let go and let God” rock in my pocket, to remind me to let go and let God.  The difficulty didn’t happen this time, so I couldn’t test out my props.

I’ve distributed more oldtimer CDs and talked to more people about starting an oldtimer meeting.  I really wish someone else would.  I’m committed and dedicated to my Saturday night meeting, and I don’t want to take on another one.  I guess I’ll see what happens.

Today work went well and my busy time there is pretty much over.  Big Brother is on tonight and we just got the first disc of the first season of Thirty Something on DVD.  I used to love that show!  I was 20 something when they were 30 something, and I had a rented apartment rather than a fancy house, but I had my babies when they had theirs and I really looked forward to watching that.  I’m afraid I may now see them and malcontent priveledged whiners, but I’ll see.  I’m hoping to watch the pilot after Big Brother.

That’s it, right now, life is good.

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