AA has to be number 1.  It’s not a selfish program, and I try not to be a selfish person, but if I’m not sober, I’m worse than no help, I’m a menace.  Everything in my life including my very life is due to AA.  I can’t ever let that go.

There have been times when I’ve had to decide what is more important and get that and give up the alternatives.  I’m thinking of when my kids were in school, in deciding where to live, a good school district was a high priority of mine.  I lived in much less house because I believed the schools were that much more important.

I work in a field that is very very low paying for the demands it makes.  I decided that the joy and importance of the work is more important to me than the lack of money is.  I’m not all holy, though, I still have more than enough and more than my share.

Day to day, I don’t feel I have to prioritize much because I’m basically in balance.  I hope that I give time and attention and resources like money to my family and my job and myself  in a way that mostly works for me and them.


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