August 14, 2009 (this day)

july09 004This old kitchen floor is gone.  We got a spiffy hopefully retro looking blue on blue.  Today is Friday, and I took the day off from work as well as next Monday, so four days in a row.  Today I got the oil changed in my daughter’s car and I had my new false tooth checked by the oral surgeon.  He said all is well and I just have to go one more time, six months from now.  I like the dental implant.  I really don’t know it’s there except that it feels just a little different than my other teeth.  I notice, these days, when people are missing a tooth or some teeth.  It’s a tough decision to spend that money.  I’m not done paying for it.

So I have my new tooth and my new name and my new kitchen floor.  There are some bad things going on in my state and my field with budget cuts and other scary stuff.  My position at work seems to be working itself out.  It’s been up in the air for quite some time.  I actually took a book out of the library yesterday, Embracing Uncertainty. And some about getting over fears and phobias.  I’m looking to fly without fear next summer.

The weather has turned hot where I am and I don’t like that a bit.  It’s been a cool summer till now.  My kids are doing well enough.

Carole helped me clean out some boxes of stuff I haven’t parted with.  I got rid of lots but also strolled down memory lane.  There was the tag from my first cat bearing the first address I had when I moved far far away from home.  There were deeds to the first house I bought and lots of divorce and child support paper work.  My transcripts from when I was a drunken undergraduate.  I barely made it through with a 2.3 and I failed and withdrew from many classes.  If I ever wonder if I could have been an alcoholic at that young age those numbers don’t lie.  My kids in comparison are doing so well.

There were good grades from when I went back to school after I had stopped drinking, and positive job reviews and stuff from when the kids were little.  I’m again profoundly grateful that my drinking was over before they began, and that this sobriety is the basis of my relationship with Carole.


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