August 7, 2009 (this day and spot check inventory)

Lots of activity today.

My intermittent menopausal symptoms are here to say hello. Carole has been away for a week and will be back tomorrow. I think. For the first time this summer they are predicting hot weather for Sunday and Monday.

I worked all week and today that included a temporary evacuation while they checked our building for gas. None found. I’ve been on my own with the five animals and that makes me tired. I stay up till all hours when Carole is away and that makes me tired. Menopause makes me tired. But strangely I’m not too tired.

And by the way, we marked the fourth anniversary of our church ceremony August 6. Still not legal where we live.

I actually experienced a bit of that wonderful character defect jealousy when someone I know got divorced, met a woman, and married her about two months later. All legal. But not for me. Carole mentioned possibly hyphenating her name with mine, and it occurred to me, since I just legally changed my name, that it’s free to do this through marriage but costs if you just do it because. Yet another way in which the laws are unfair to gay people. Jealousy and a sense of being discriminated against. I need to move on from there.

Next week we will get a new kitchen floor and I don’t know what Carole will do with the dogs. I’m tempted to ask her not to tell me what she does, let me stay at work and let me know when it’s over. There is the character defect of anxiety and worry. It is not called for, because whatever ends up happening with the dogs during the process, they are still some of the most fortunate dogs in the world.

Onward into the rest of the day.

july09 008


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