August 4, 2009 – Spot Check Inventory?

A bad morning and a sort of spot check inventory. Not actually done on the spot. On the spot, I noticed this morning that my character defect du jour, fear, came up when walking the dog. This is because I had a very traumatic dog walking experience, three years ago this month.

But later. I was pursuing a list – I don’t know where I got it or what I intended to do with it. I had already looked up and considered anger. Angry again. Last night a random post on my blog had the subject of anger.

Googling it I see that “being critical of your partner” is such a popular search term, Google fills it in for you. Hmmm.

Character Defects: intolerant, irresponsible, selfish, impatient, greedy, jealous, lazy, resentful, sarcastic.  Not wallowing in self-pity and depression, guilt and self-loathing.  Oh no, not me.


One thought on “August 4, 2009 – Spot Check Inventory?

  1. YOu know it’s always so hard when we have to confront and look honestly at ourselves…not easy, simple but not easy…keep trudging with me…we at least are on the road of happy destiny…take care

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