August 2, 2009 (this day)

july09 112This is some …….. scientific stuff that my daughter works with.  She recently gave Carole and I a tour.  It’s amazing to see her function as an adult out there in the real world.  She is really very talented beyond anything I could have dreamed up.  But I would think so, being her mother and all.  I’m trying to appreciate every day that she’s nearby and doing well.

Yesterday Carole left for another week of vacation.  My goal for the week is to be as calm about the dog as I can be.  With Carole gone, I’ll be the only stimulation and exercise for the dog except for the puppy sitters who will come in once a day while I’m at work.  I’ll only walk the dog in the mornings before work because of a traumatic dog walking experience I had, and because the dog is such a beast.  Yesterday a friend visited with her two dogs and that was excellent, because when they left Xandra was exhausted.  And I didn’t have to face the big bad world out there.  I can’t help but think that I probably have some close neighbors who we could have play dates with, but I don’t really know my neighbors, and so playmates have to be driven in from 20 miles away.

I went to my home group yesterday and really did say goodbye to our friend who is leaving for far away on Tuesday.  I’m sad about it.  How nice to live in a way that makes people sad to see you go away.

I’ll go to a meeting tonight as my other meeting of the week and that will probably be it for me this week.  I’ll also have to hurry home from that meeting so as not to miss too much “Big Brother.”  It’s the only show I watch right now but I do love it.  Even though the people are getting to be younger than my kids.  I do wish they’d include more older people.

So I’m going to really try to stay calm at work this week and not get upset when I have to stay late or get caught in big bad traffic (so extending the time the dog is alone).  When I’m home, I’m going to walk her and brush her and take her outside and run up and down the stairs with her a reasonable amount and not make myself crazy or feel guilty.  Anyway, that’s my goal.


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