July 24, 2009 (this day)

This day was pretty near perfect.  Carole and I took the kids to an amusement park.  Everyone was healthy and in a good mood.  The park wasn’t badly crowded and the weather was very good.

I stopped to appreciate it many times through the day that it was about as good as it gets.  Very, very good.

As Carole and I were leaving (the kids stayed on), she got a call from a dear friend who had taken too many prescription meds and had overdosed.  We called 911 from the parking lot of the amusement park, and we stayed on the phone with her until the police arrived.  We haven’t heard anything about it, but I think she’ll be OK this time.

In many ways she reminds me of me, because I relapsed over and over and over again, and so does she.  But in other ways we are light years apart, and I keep hoping that she’ll eventually “get it,” and I remember that it’s luck and a blessing that I “got it” at least this much, so far.


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