Attractive Promotions

Someone I know in real life asked if that previous post was about him.  He is and has been seeking a promotion at his job.  It wasn’t, and it isn’t.  Some of it fits, though.

I’ll put myself loosely in this same category.  There are some of us of a certain age – middle age, if we seek to be 100.  I do!  So middle aged.  Anyway some, like me, are lucky and blessed enough to have been working at a career, in a field, for some time.  We (I) make a sometimes very good, sometimes good enough living at this.  We’ve gained experience and a certain amount of expertise.  I know that in my case, where I work, just the knowledge acquired over eleven years of where things are and how they work is very very valuable, and I can save myself and others lots of time because of my experience.

We like and love these jobs.  Not that we would work them day in and day out if we didn’t have to work.  But given that we have to work, we love what we do.  Some of us have been given promotions and raises and awards.  And the very luckiest of us (in my opinion) do work that is actually important, that actually helps people and communicates some little bit of God’s love through us and our work.

We have ten, fifteen, twenty years of this left to go.  Again, if we’re blessed and permitted, if we’re lucky and healthy.  But from here, for today, it looks likely.

Now what?

My own transition at work is what sparked my previous post, but I think it fits a lot of us in this situation.  Sobriety and the program tell me, they speak to me, they hold directions and instructions and ideals if I will seek them.

I previously told my promotion seeking friend what I think of that situation.  I think he won’t be happy and fulfilled just coasting now, going through the motions to obtain the next title and salary but coasting on the job.  I told him to think about his intelligence and creativity, his profession and his abilities and to find a way to grow and be still better, to really help others, to make a difference in the lives of others.  He can do it.  Or he can coast.

I’m facing uncertainty on the job (what else is new?) and as I weather this transition, I was telling my friend I need to think about what I can bring to the situation, not what I can get from it.  I’m a poor specimen of 25 years of sobriety in that I do not know what book that’s in or what page it is on, but I know it is written in the instructions of my beloved program and I know that the closer I follow it, the happier I am, and the more useful I am to others.  I know that if I see the end of my life approaching, I will be most satisfied with those things and the titles and promotions will mean nothing after I’m gone.


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