July 3, 2009 (this day)

A day off from work, and the weather is not the greatest.  The weather related thing I wanted to do was take the dog to the park.  The dog park is pretty much out, but maybe to walk the paved path of a park.  Carole has her out for a walk right now and we’ll see what happens with the weather later.

I also have my car in the shop for routine stuff.  I wanted to go to the Social Security office to change my name, but it’s a holiday for them, also.  My plan is now to leave work early Monday and go down, although next week will be just about my busiest week at work all year.

I’m very grateful for a job that gives me all this flexibility and that I often don’t mind being at when I’m supposed to be there.  The holiday I’m given today, also, is a wonderful thing and I’m thankful.

I made it to an “extra,” additional meeting Wednesday night so I’m glad of that.  I also really liked the church basement floor.  Carole and I are in the process of picking a new kitchen floor.  Copying an AA floor appeals to me muchly. Why shouldn’t I be extra happy in a church basement?

My home group meets tomorrow night, on the fourth of July, so that should be interesting.  It hasn’t fallen that way since we began the group.  I have no idea if anyone will come.  Carole and I will be there so the meeting will be there.  Of course if there’s lots of noise from illegal fire works I’ll worry about the dog.

Does so much of my life and thoughts revolve around the dog?

Today we will go shopping for a coin for a home group member who has 16 years sober today.  Next week we’ll celebrate his anniversary and say goodbye, since he’s moving far away.  Taking about a quarter of our active membership with him.  I hope our members are so few because it’s a Saturday night meeting, and not because of us.

We’re also going to the health food store.  I want to try a bar of shampoo, among other things, so as not to add plastic to the world in the form of shampoo bottles.  We’ll look for some healthy food also as we struggle to keep on track with our weight loss.

Yes, I am codependent.  All I can do is hope it’s for our mutual good right now. Our good, and the good of the dog.

april09 007


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