June 21, 2009 (this day)

My mother has joined Facebook.  I wonder if this is how my daughter felt when I joined.  I’m officially the sandwich generation of Facebook.

I really can envy younger people who grow up with all the technology of the internet.  I love it, and I would have loved it when I was younger.  But it is what it is.  It astounds me when I see that people have read this blog from Iran.  Iran!  The last several readers were from Austin, Texas; Tune, Roskile, Denmark; Whittier, California; Santa Clara, California; Bucharest, Vaslui, Romania; Alabaster, Alabama; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Grand Haven, Michigan.  Amazing!

And it always amazes me that what most of them come looking for is AA meeting topics.

Today is Sunday.  Carole is traveling home from a trip she’s been on since Thursday.  This afternoon, the kids are coming over and Erika is bringing her cat.  I’m a rather obsessive pet owner, unfortunately, and I do not like the thought of her cat languishing while she travels.  Now really she only goes away overnight, at the most, I hope.  She does have a job and she’s been awesomely responsible in showing up to it every day.  So she’s not neglecting the cat.  But still.  I just hope beyond hope that her cat likes it here, and that our menagerie likes her.  As a life long cat person, I know that’s extremely unlikely.

Tomorrow the state comes to renew the license of the program where I work.  My work partner and I have been co acting supervisors for a few months, and though we’ve been there for years, this is the first time we’ve dealt with things like staff credentials and building issues.  I know that what the licensers say about us is not that important and not always accurate or relevant, but I can’t help hoping that we do really well.  She and I and the staff could use the mental boost.  Taking that thought and trying to apply AA to it, I see that I should hope that if the state does criticize us, it’s in a way that helps us improve.  They may see parts of our puzzle that we do not.  It’s also possible that they will be unjust or just plain wrong.  In that case it will just be one part of one day out of many.  The next day, people will arrive who need to be taken care of, and we need to do our best.  That’s it.

Today is Father’s Day in the US, and this day has been a problem for me ever since I was six, and my father passed away.  Now it brings to mind the poor father my ex has been and is being to my children.  I hope that Carole and I can take that example to do more and do our best while the kids are still here and still willing.  I will come back and read this after the kids and cat have left.

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