We Can Try (again) To Stop Making Unreasonable Demands (Step Ten continued)

We can try to stop making unreasonable demands upon those we love.

I have failed in my attempt to see what I demand from those I love.  I won’t cop out and stall here again.

One source of frequent irritation comes to mind.  I expect people who know me well to remember certain things about me, and to act accordingly or at least not ask the same questions over and over again through the years.

A harmless example:

Do you want coffee?

Is it first thing in the morning?  Have I ever not wanted coffee first thing in the morning?  Ever?  Don’t ask.  Yes, I want coffee.  Always have, always will.

I’m easily and often irritated by talk that I consider to be superfluous.  Aren’t you cold?  Why don’t you put on a sweater?  What are you doing?

Oh, I thought of one!

What’s wrong? Some people use this in place of “hello.”  Drives me nuts!  Some people conduct entire relationships this way.  What’s the matter?  Nothing.  Are you sure.  Yes …… well it’s nothing and it’s probably me, but ……

So I feel this post is full of unreasonableness, but I am blind to it.  I will move forward.


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