June 16, 2009 (this day)

Tomorrow is, I hope, my name change day.

I’m superstitious, and probably mostly toward the dark side.  I think it will be bad luck.  This is showing me my pessimism.  But mostly I don’t believe in luck, and I can also try to feed the light side and think there will be good luck coming from it.

It’s exciting!  And I don’t like the attention it brings.  And I don’t like it when people think I’ve gotten married, and probably to a man at that.  And I don’t like that I won’t have the same name as my kids.

But mostly, it feels like the good parts of moving feel, or of having a new house or new job or new car.  The good parts of those things.

Now the other “change,” that’s giving me trouble right now.  That is surely a good change also, but getting there is a bit difficult.

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