June 14, 2009 (this day)

I’ve updated The Menopause Chronicles, unfortunately. Or fortunately.  I have to remember, it’s not that bad.

Is it unreasonable to not want five questions in five minutes from a loved one?  Six?

This week will be a crazy one, with lots of work, time off for my name and the dentist, Carole’s travels and other stuff.  I’m already planning it to keep it more in balance.  I hope.

Today I’m going to try church, working at home and being at home.  And buying pet food.

Tomorrow I’ll stay late at work then go straight to a meeting, then home, trusting Carole and the pet sitter to care for the dog.

Tuesday work

Wednesday name change.  I expect that to be so awesome, I don’t have plans the rest of that day or night.

Thursday work followed by leaving early to get my first false tooth.  Followed by solo caring for the pets, with Carole gone away.

Friday work, the final before inspection the following Monday.  I hope.  I can go in and do things over the weekend if I need to.

Saturday I’m chairing the meeting, so I have to get a snack and set up coffee.  With Carole still away I have to manage the pets and give the dog enough activity before the meeting.  There are other things I’d like to do, like go to the library, yarn store, and thrift shop.  I’ll have to see.

My blog is at exactly 19,000 visits.  How cool!  I hope people find what they’re looking for here from time to time.


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