June 10, 2009 (this day)

My life is out of balance right now.  At work, licensing coincides with the busiest time for my case load paperwork and of course there is, once and again, administrative staffing changes, uncertainty and extra work.  All this also when Carole is free from work, and either travels and/or golfs, leaving me with more to do at home, or she stays home and wants more often to go places and do things.

The weather is finally good – not too hot and not too wet.  That eases my mind tremendously as I sit here now on the back porch with the dog.  Though the dog is resting, it’s not the same rest and when it’s awful outside and we are stuck in.  I really appreciate the weather of where I live.  Not many people do, in fact most everyone can find something to complain about with this weather, but I like it and I’m grateful.

I’m doing less of everything else besides work, including writing on the blog, reading blogs, reading books, and going to meetings.  I faithfully attend my home group once a week, and I like to make one other, and now I don’t always make it.  The weather is letting me faithfully walk the dog every morning before work and I’m really glad about that.  I’ve lengthened my time to 13 minutes, and that is much easier when it isn’t 20 degrees or pouring rain.  I get up early to do this but I’m sure it’s worth it.  My ideal would be to walk her 30-60 minutes but I don’t know if I’ll ever get there.

I’m a poor sleeper and always have been.  Supposedly menopause will exacerbate this – yipee.  The summer makes it difficult on the going to bed end of things, especially if Carole isn’t tired.  I’ve always hated waking up and getting out of bed but it’s easier now when it’s light and not freezing.

Although work is heavy right now, I feel able to mostly manage it.  My case load and the annual licensing come together and there are other times of the year that the load is much lighter.  It should ease up for me by the end of July, with the bulk of my caseload taken care of for the year.  One challenge for me is to let other things go at work while I attend to what I must attend to.  I know the year is out of balance, but I feel like a slacker at times.  Or no, I think I might look like a slacker to someone who doesn’t understand what my job entails.  So to everyone except my work partner.  And the most important thing is how I look when I do all this, right?

may09 005


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