May 26 and 27, 2009 – from work under stress (this day)

Bless Thee, O Lord, for the living arc of the sky over me this morning.  Bless Thee, O Lord, for the companionship of night mist far above the skyscraper peaks I saw when I woke once during the night.  Bless Thee, O Lord, for the miracle of light to my eyes and the mystery of it ever changing.  Bless Thee, O Lord, for the laws Thou has ordained holding fast these tall oblongs of stone and steel, holding fast the planet Earth in its course and farther beyond the circle of the Sun.

And from character defects:  alibi – “somewhere else” – an excuse to avoid blame, a person used as my excuse, give an excuse, offer a defense, on or at another place, explanation, reason, justification

excuse – to make apology for, remove blame from, to grant exemption

anger – fight and defend when attacked, expressing, suppressing or calming, for self-preservation when tormented or trapped, reaction to deliberate harm or unfair treatment

irritability, sullenness, churlishness

God help me do what I should do, free from the bondage of myself.
october08 063

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