Now That We’re in AA (Step Ten continued)

february09 018Now that we’re in A.A. and sober, and winning back the esteem of our friends and business associates, we find that we still need to exercise special vigilance.  As an insurance against “big-shot-ism” we can often check ourselves by remembering that we are today sober only by the grace of God and that any success we may be having is far more His success than ours.

I had 25 years sober on May 1, and I was not quite 22 years old when I stopped drinking.  I know hardly anyone from back then, and my first go-round with the steps was quite a long time ago.  At that time, I was graduating from school and I pretty much left most people and places behind, with the exception of a few friends and family.

But, I do remember every day that my very life has been saved and given and given back to me by AA and therefore “God.”  In this case, for me, “God” may be just some sort of semblance of many kinds of goodness in the world.  When I opened myself up to it enough, I was able to stop drinking and start living a mostly good life.

I also remember all the times I’ve done the wrong thing, been caught or been afraid of getting caught.  Then I can look at everyone in my life as someone who is imperfect, just like me.  I can’t weigh their sins against mine.  If I could, I remember that if it was possible to order sins and sinners from best to worst, I’d be in the middle and many, many people would come out as better than I am.  I look too much at the people who I judge to be worse than I am.  There would be plenty of people thinking about me if we are to concentrate on those who are less than we are.

One thought on “Now That We’re in AA (Step Ten continued)

  1. This is a great post! I so work each day to keep it simple day in and day out. No matter what’s happening me complicating it does not help. I love step ten, it is the grace of the program.
    Thank you and congratulations on 25 from me, to your HP.

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