May 21, 2009 (this day)

Oh yes I am a bigshot!  How funny that my last post was about that.  I love it that every situation that comes up in life fits somewhere in the 12 steps.  Or everywhere in the 12 steps.  I really do love it that it all gives me a program to work around all of life’s terms.

I’ve had a rough two days at work, because someone I work with has accused me of the doing the wrong thing.  That’s bad enough, but I’m pretty sure he’s also bad-mouthing me to the other people I work with.  It’s not pleasant.  And I can’t find it within myself to try and make peace while I feel he’s going out of his way to say bad things about me and trying to turn people against me.

I’ve restrained my tongue and pen, for sure, I haven’t said anything about him to anyone but my work partner and my supervisor and HR, as it relates.  But restraint is my usual MO.

I find it hard to accept that sometimes, people don’t like me just because I’m their supervisor.  The person who is bad-mouthing me is someone just about everyone else complains about.  Yet is seems to me they’ll take his side in this, just because I’m the boss.  Which I’m not.  And maybe they’re not.

And how does it all affect Hannah – the mythical new client who may spend decades as part of this program?

april09 031


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