Regarding drinking, I had none.  I tried to be moderate.  I tried with all my heart and I risked my life (and maybe yours) to try to moderate.  I couldn’t do it.  I am firmly convinced that for me, with drinking, it is all or nothing.

In others areas it’s my opinion that I do pretty well.  It’s just cliche to me at this point to say “alcoholics cannot be moderate” about anything.  I can be.  I couldn’t do it with smoking, although I was at times a moderate smoker, I always went farther than I wanted to.  And with food.  I think the way I eat is mostly OK, I just couldn’t be moderate in a  healthy way about high fat or high sugar food.  I’ve lost weight recently by following a strict diet that is actually a moderate diet.  But that’s something I couldn’t fashion and follow for myself.


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