April 27, 2009 (this day)

I’ve been sober for almost 25 years and I do remember that “we claim spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection.”  That would be from “How It Works.”  It works well, thank you.  Yesterday I could not place that phrase anywhere but Step Ten.  So yeah.  Progress.

april09-016I’m working on growing grass.  It is against my nature to do so.  I like the plants that can survive to do so, and the others to bite the dust.  I have as an ideal a yard that can live its life in this climate.  But for now I’m growing grass.  As the picture shows, so much of this house is homemade hand done old fashioned, and it is one of the things we love about it.  I’m grateful to the people who lived here before us who made it this way.  I’m sure I’ll curse it as the old stuff gives out, but not yet.  This place has a history.

Today I worked and came home and tended the grass.  I just ate a tomato sandwich and later Carole and I are going to a meeting.  It’s a speaker meeting, where all we will do is listen to someone’s story.

I told mine, sort of, Saturday night at Carole’s anniversary.  It was a very nice gathering.  She’s popular.  Where we live, groups don’t celebrate that way, though they do where I came from.  I made sure to say we do it “in order to show that it works.”  Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, but I know those meetings usually made me happy and cheerful when I used to go to them.  And it’s always nice to have a reason to eat cake.



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