Other Kinds of Love in AA

thanksgiving08-010I feel so fortunate that I’ve had the influence and experience of AA over all these years.  There is a very special bond between people in AA.  We tell some of the most intimate, humiliating and embarrassing things to each other as friends and as strangers.  Over the years I’ve heard people confess to all manner of things.  I greet strangers knowing that they too have all the secrets I’ve heard about, I just don’t know their details.

Somewhere in the literature it says something like we won’t like everyone, but we can learn to take a kindly and tolerant view of everyone.  I really do take those thoughts with me into some of my most difficult moments, when I have to get along with people I dislike or resent.  Within AA it’s happened to me many times that someone who initially turns me off turns out to be fine by me.  I’m sure it’s the deep sharing, common interest and good directions that makes it possible.


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