April 6, 2009 (this day)

Well I’m finding it hard to believe, but again today I am confronted with another “gay” issue.  They really seem to be cropping up all the time right now.  It started a few days ago when it came to my attention that someone I like and otherwise agree with opposes gay marriage in the US.  If I think about it for a minute, probably many people I know oppose it.

Of course I have discussed it with many people, and most of those who are closest to me are in favor of it.  But with a few people, mainly at work and in AA, it hasn’t come up, and I think they may actually be against it.

I have no patience for that.  I don’t think that human rights should be put to a vote.  If a human right is put to a vote, it should be granted.  Period.  I don’t get it, not even a little bit, how gay marriage would harm heterosexuals in any way.  But yes, I’ve probably sat at many meetings next to someone who would deny me the right, if they were able to.  In a slightly altered version of the actual situation, my dilemma today is with an organization that discriminates against gay people in sort of the way a religion might.  Now religions, to me, can do what they will, within reason, and some discriminate terribly against women, for example, but in the US we are all free to participate or not.  The problem before me is sort of like when a religion that discriminates is going to do some good in the community.  Do I cooperate?  Do I protest?  Do I deprive the community because of my feelings.  Do I participate and try to show them they need not fear the lesbians in love?

That’s a slightly altered version of the problem of the day.  The other problem I had was because in going through my alphabetical list of AA topics, “love” came up, and I “love” a woman.  I’ll say this for AA:  If some of the people there are prejudiced against gays, they have not shown it to me, and I appreciate that.

Other than that, the never ending menopausal bleed is back, and so is the snow!  Both are temporary, both will be over, both are “just for today.”  Gay people, though, are not temporary.  We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!


Hopefully in the next few days I’ll figure out how to be humble, and assertive, and serve the greater good.


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