I recieved a comment on my post Love in AA that I’m not going to approve because it links to a “recovery” program that I have no wish to publicize.  I take seriously AA’s admonition to welcome every thing that helps alcoholics recover, but I can’t help but think that this “program” will cause more harm than good.  The commenter asked some questions, though, that I will answer.  I have no fear of this debate and I have no problem explaining myself to people who truly seek to understand me and my story.

I noticed you quote Bible scripture on your blog.

Yes, I quote Bible scripture.  I also quote the Big Book, the Twelve and Twelve and lots of other books, poems, songs and such.  I use these as tools of sobriety.  I believe that these were inspired by God, and written by fallible humans.  If you disagree with me, we have no where to go.  I may change my mind one day (though I doubt it), but I do not view the Bible, or the Big Book (first 164 pages), or any other thing created by human beings as being literally perfect.  I think they are both open to interpretation, not to mention translation and corruption.

Are you a saved Christian?

I won’t play a semantic game.  If I call myself a Christian, it is likely that many will disagree with me and say I do not fit their definition.  That’s actually OK, because those people probably don’t fit my definition of Christian either.  I left the church a long time ago because of rules, rites and rituals.  Infant baptism is true and eternal : infant baptism does not count.  The wine and bread become the body and blood of Christ : the wine and bread are a symbol.  Mary was a virgin : Mary was a young girl.  Don’t eat meat on Friday : except when St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday, then corned beef is OK.

I’m Christian in that I study and follow the teachings of Jesus.  I’m saved, well, this being an AA blog, my mind goes there immediately.  I was extremely ill and almost dead.  No human power could relieve my alcoholism.  God could, and did, as he was sought.  The church and its hypocrisy had turned me off and turned me away.  AA shined a light on that situation that saved my life and let me return.  And this light is there for anyone – even people who are not Christian, even people who don’t believe in God.

How’s your walk with God?

See above.  I like that metaphor, walking with God, so I’ll go with it.  I picture walking the path that is my life with God at my side.  Daily, sometimes hourly, I need to decide how to act.  and when I’m at my best, I’ll consult God.  For me this would take the form of calling to mind whatever I can about what I know to be right, what I know to be wrong, what confuses me and isn’t clear, and then trying to act in the best possible manner.  At other times, many times, I will go with my own will, wants and desires, usually to my detriment.  My walk with God is difficult, complicated, simple and easy.

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

I will answer this as soon as you tell me what the Bible says about judging other people.  Honestly it’s old and I’m tired of trying to be funny while not mixing polyester and cotton or selling my daughter to the gypsies.  While those issues are interesting (or at least they used to be), the Bible concepts I try to live by say things like, “before you try to remove the speck from your brother’s eye, take the plank out of your own,” and “let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Are the people who ask this truly believing that they are without sin?  Or is it just that their sin is OK, while mine is not?

I do not literally interpret the Bible or the Big Book or any other book.  My human understanding is limited, and I see “through a glass, darkly.”  While I understand that some people may regard the first 164 pages of the Big Book to be “perfect,” I doubt they would count their own understanding of it or anything as “perfect.”

Is the Bible God’s written Word?


Is the Bible wrong?



3 thoughts on “Unacceptable

  1. Hi Lydia…

    I have seen you on the tags and blogs but have not yet had opportunity to connect via a reply. Glad to finally do so.

    Reading this post and others of yours, I get the sense that like me, you believe the Bible to be true and that Jesus Christ is who he said he is. I too do not often refer to myself as a “Christian” as this term has far too many meanings to far to many people that do not represent what I feel the term should mean and certainly do not represent what I believe I am. This is kinda splitting hairs but it is where I am at.

    While I mainly ignor controlversial posts and ridiculous arguments, I am increasingly bothered by some of the posts I see on the AA tags that accuse AA of things that I do not believe it is.

    My primary approach is to treat these controversies as outside issues. And also apply God’s advice in not engaging foolish arguments. I tire of debating argument hobbyists who seem to just want to stir the pot.

    Anyway… I fgrre the best approach is to ignore and simply continue to work my program as I understand it and serve God as I understand him. I find great purpose in my dialogues with newcomers and choose to invest my time with them.

    Anyway…. just thought I would take this opportunity to connect and say I respect that you are taking on this dialogue in this post with other bloggers. I appreciate it in fact because some of the bloggers behaviours disturb me in that they appear to be attempting to scare people away from AA by their narrow-minded judgemental ignorance.

    Certainly people can deviate AA into anything they may wish. But to me, AA in an do of iteself has no conflict with the Bible. In fact, to me, the 12 Steps are one of God’s most practical strategies for living a biblical life.

    I’m a little long winded here. Mainly just saying Hi and thanks for taking a stand.



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