February 9, 2009 (this day, this year!)

I started this blog one year ago today.  I’ve written 270 posts and 7 pages.  I wonder how many words?  I’ve written out the very long version of my whole AA story up to the present.  I’ve worked my way line by line through Step Six and Step Seven.  I didn’t drink, and I didn’t die.

I had set out to somehow better understand the oldtimer experience in AA.  I hope everyone who comes here understands that the title is cryptic, sarcastic, and simple.  It’s a joke, really.  “How do you get to be an oldtimer in AA?”  “Don’t drink and don’t die.”

The most popular page on this here blog is AA Meeting Topics (and Slogans), which really baffles me.  I search for just about everything online, but it wouldn’t occur to me to search for this.  I really can’t imagine why so many people do.  Anyway, I’ve set out to find just about any viable topic that exists, and I’ll add as many as I can find.  That page has been looked at over 1000 times.

So I guess at this rate, it will take me six years to work my way through the steps again.  Hm.

This very day, the timing of the cosmos is a bit of a joke.  My difficulties at work, which in large part brought me here to this crisis, took another turn, and so what?  Really, that’s probably the lesson I’ve needed to learn all along.  So what?  My wall says “Let Go and Let God,” now my monitor says it also.  So when will I?  Let go?  Let God?  I have hope I will get it eventually, as long as I don’t drink and don’t die.

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