A List of Gains (my story continued)

Loss has come to signify the last four plus years for me.  Even so, there was really only one tragic, terrible loss, and that was when my dog was killed.  The others were sort of life-on-life’s terms stuff, or they were actually happy losses, and in losing those dependent kids to functioning independence.

project13A house I love, owned with someone I love – and a longer and better relationship than I’ve ever been in or thought possible.

thanksgiving07-079A meeting I love.

thanksgiving07-097A son almost there.

thanksgiving07-092A mother retired.

december08-001An independent daughter.

december08-0091More time, more experience, more and new appreciation for a job I love.

december08-038A very special dog and more time with the other critters.

december08-086New and special friends.

october08-052Longer sobriety.

All these things (and more) are wonderful, and they’re real, and they’re here, and they’re mine for today.  Job, relationship, kids, animals, friends, sobriety – these pretty much define my days and, directed by a higher power, they are good.

And, approaching the first anniversary of this blog, I think my story has all been told.


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