January 9, 2009 (This Day)

Wow, I haven’t posted since last Monday.  I think that’s a record for me of staying away, even on vacation.  It’s been a very busy week – too busy.  But I made it and it’s over and next week promises to be better.

I worked all five days for the first time in quite some time.  I had to work late and go visiting and go to the doctor and go to dinner.  Something every day after work.  And all that while not feeling 100% due to my new best friend, menopause.

Today at work I had to endure much football talk.  I hate football, really hate it.  I try to ignore it but sometimes it’s just so in my face.  I’ve been frustrated by trying to get a computer there to play a DVD.  Nicholas tries to help me, to a point.  I probably spent over and hour at it all together and I still can’t make it play.  I also had a really bad moment there when an adminstrator made a nasty, hurtful comment about someone I care about.  Life on life’s terms.

So now snow may make the weekend slow down and that would be very fine by me.  Monday, Nicholas will be back to school and Carole will be back to work and life will be back to normal.  It’s good.  And with any luck, the football season will be over as well.


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